Digestive Health And Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is just one part of Chinese Medicine. Although it’s rare for us to see someone and not do acupuncture we do also offer other Chinese Medicine treatments such as moxabustion (the burning of a dried herb which can reduce pain, increase energy and turn breech babies), gua sha (scraping of tense, tight muscles to alleviate pain), cupping (attaching plastic cups to the muscles to alleviate pain or help to get rid of a cold) and massage. We decide what treatment is best for you as an individual.

What we often do offer to many people we treat is information and advice on eating and specific foods which may help your body to heal itself. We share general principles on traditional ways of eating which can help to boost energy. We also offer specific advice on certain foods to avoid and include to help resolve your health issue. For instance, if your energy needs a boost we may suggest eating more warm, slow cooked foods and avoiding wheat, sugar and dairy. If you have phlegm after a cold we will suggest cutting out dairy and eating onions to resolve the phlegm. If you’re tired and have noticed your hair thinning and skin being dry we may suggest including foods we consider to nourish the blood such as chicken, liver, spinach and aduki beans.

A colleague has written a good piece on digestive health here for you to learn more.

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