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Acupuncture patient testimonials: well-being


I have been treated by Caitlin for a number of years, most recently
for symptoms associated with the menopause. The symptoms seem small
when taken individually, but when taken together are wearing and
energy sapping. My G.P., although sympathetic, simply says that what I
am experiencing is a natural process and can offer no relief, except
HRT, which would be too extreme.

Each symptom is of interest to Caitlin; she is open about what she can
help with and explains acupuncture and Chinese medicine to me in a way
that I understand without it seeming ‘other’. Amongst other things,
Caitlin’s treatments have improved the feelings that I found difficult
to accept e.g. mental fogginess and loss of alertness and my energy
levels have increased.

When recommending Caitlin to other people, I have described her as a
‘safe pair of hands’ because she is utterly trustworthy and very
skilled at what she does. She listens attentively and with compassion
and has great expertise to share with her patients.


When I contacted Caitlin initially I wasn’t sure I would ever find the treatment I needed for what seemed like a catalogue of complaints. With Caitlin’s help I can now see an end to many years of discomfort and pain and am very hopeful for the future.

After meeting Caitlin for the first time I knew I was in safe hands. Her professionalism and understanding have led to me feeling extremely safe and supported throughout my treatment.

I would recommend Caitlin to anyone, not only for her expertise, but for the fact that she has an innate sense of what your individual needs are.


I have had eight treatments with Caitlin and the benefit to my wellbeing has been outstanding. On my first visit when assessing my general health, Caitlin looked at my tongue and said there was a lot of heat there, explaining that this accounts for the palpitations and hot flushes that I had. Caitlin asked if there were any particular problems that I had. As a part time employee and student with a large family, I informed her that I struggled with my energy levels.

When Caitlin was inserting the needles she informed me of what they were being used for which I found interesting and reassuring and this helped me to relax. She then let me know that she was going to ‘twiddle’ them which helped them to work better. Then, after checking that I was ok, she said that she would leave the room for ten minutes and then check back with me that everything was fine. This she did twice, giving me plenty of time to relax to the music that she provided before removing the needles. Before leaving, Caitlin would check that I was feeling fine and advise me to rest a while as the treatment would continue to work for a while.

Caitlin has a lovely, friendly manner combined with a way that instantly put me at ease although I had never had acupuncture before. The course of acupuncture has greatly increased my energy and concentration levels and my hot sweats (due to the menopause) have reduced while the night sweats have ceased.


Plinkity-plink. I never thought I’d be big on new age music, but I am now. The quarter of an hour I spend on Caitlin’s couch each session, bristling with needles and washed over by these sounds represent 15 of the best minutes of my week.

I went to Caitlin with a bundle of symptoms as I weaned myself off HRT following a hysterectomy some years ago. These included migraines, hot flushes, night sweats, lack of sleep and a resurgence of a chronic condition I’ve been battling with for 20 years. Those symptoms I could just about handle. More difficult were the mood swings – I was all over the place, with jittery-skittery highs and crabby, no-energy lows. I’m a coach. I can’t do my job like that. I needed help.

Caitlin is wonderfully reassuring. I knew I was in good hands. She listened with interest, she asked relevant questions, she understood and she told me what she was going to do. She also warned me that I may not feel the benefit straight away, so I hadn’t expected to feel so much better at the end of the first session. I felt tired, but my sore throat had vanished, my eyes had stopped aching and I slept well that night. I left each subsequent session feeling restored to myself – calm and well. I haven’t had a migraine since then, I continue to sleep better and the flushes and sweats are much less frequent. I’m impressed.

Plinkity-plink. Roll on the next session!


I have felt very good since Monday – I really felt very ‘light’ on the way home, and had a really good nights sleep – very deep and very refreshing (also last night). Yesterday morning (when I had woken up) I felt very aware of the points that you had pressed, a bit like when you have done lots of strenuous exercise and you can feel your muscles more – but in a different kind of way (hard to describe) – and in a strange kind of way all my limbs (and the rest of my body) felt very alive – and are still doing today. So, overall I did feel significantly more alive – and I’ll definitely carry on and see how the benefits build up!