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Acupuncture patient testimonials: pain

Karen: Back Pain For 5 Years

Caitlin is a truly wonderful acupuncturist. From the initial contact to my last treatment she has listened to me, offered compassion, guidance and given me the greatest gift of all – hope. Caitlin’s approach to her clients is warm and genuine. She has helped me understand my pain and explained the treatments and the benefits well. Acupuncture has helped me with long term pain and even though there is no ‘cure’ my acupuncture with Caitlin has given me some quality of life back. I would highly recommend her for similar issues or if you just need a greater sense of well being. 5* service.

Marc: Knee Pain And Injury As A Runner

I run because I love to and have done for the last 3 years. Running has become an increasingly important part of my life and I have unknowingly been drawn in to this other world where time, distance and routine become more important than ever. At the beginning of 2013 I had 157 competitive miles ahead of me though various races. After running through the winter I developed an injury in my right knee. Taking advice from friends and family that run, friends and family that don’t run and reading article after article on how to deal with injury and how running is “bad for my knee’s”, I bought a book called ‘The Art Of Running’. I ignored all the injury advice and ran my first marathon (MK) injured with my right knee taped and gelled up and lots of pain killers. I finished in 3 hours 38 mins. This was probably not the most sensible thing I had ever done and if I carried on this way I might seriously injury myself and my not be able to run my most important race of my year – my first ultra marathon (the Hard moors 60), a 60 mile race along the Yorkshire coast.

I decided to take some advice from my book and made my first appointment for acupuncture. Before my first session I did not really know what to expect or what would be expected from me. Caitlin put me at ease within minutes. She was not going to hurt me. I would be able to walk home and she seemed sure she could help me.

I don’t claim to understand exactly how Caitlin has helped me, but I have never been a more committed runner and this is truly because acupuncture has given me the confidence to run to my ability as I trust that what Caitlin and her acupuncture sessions (4 in total so far) do. They keep me injury free.

On the 21 September this year I ran the Hard moors 60 ultra marathon (A 62 mile race, with 3000ft accent, to be completed in 16 hours) in 15 hours and 51 minutes. Throughout this beautifully brutal race my body and mind were tested more than I could have imagined. The miracle at the end of the race was that the only part of my body that did not ache was my knees (Truly!) . And I believe that mentallyI would not have been able to completethe race without the sessions that I have had with Caitlin . I am now a believer in the benefits of acupuncture not just on my knee’s but my body and mind as a whole.

I have found this treatment is more accessible and beneficial than I ever expected.

(update- after another acupuncture session 2 days prior to his next marathon, Marc did a PB).

Penny: Migraine, Headaches And Neck Pain

Caitlin has helped me with migraine and chronic neck pain. After four months of treatment my headaches are much less frequent and rarely turn to migraine. The neck pain has eased considerably, and my energy levels are higher than they have been for many years. It is a painless relaxing treatment in a warm welcoming space.

James : Knee Pain From Skiing Injury

I went to see Caitlin after I hurt my knees skiing. I had pain all over my legs and was limping around with a lot of difficulty before my session. With a combination of acupuncture, moxa and heat treatment to my legs I immediately felt there was life, energy and blood moving in them again. The next day there was a big improvement and with two the pain was completely gone – absolutely amazing!

Bella : Foot Pain

Caitlin has been a huge help to me. Having acupuncture has been extremely helpful to me after breaking my foot, I work 50 hours a week on my feet and was in pain after returning to work, but acupuncture was an instant relief to my pain, and I have now been back at work for two weeks the pain has been extremely low, especially compared to the agony I was in after returning to work.

Anna: Headaches

Having had bad headaches for about three weeks, three sessions with Caitlin seemed to clear the headaches up. She is very reassuring and takes a full investigation into your whole health before treatment started. I feel not only headache-less but have more energy. The treatment is not painful — despite initial thoughts about needles — and it is surprisingly relaxing.

I would recommend Caitlin as an excellent practitioner who certainly helped eradicate the headaches. She is very kind and puts you immediately at ease too.

Nick: Pain

I had been suffering on a regular basis from a ruptured disc in between the shoulder blades. When an attack occurred the pain was excruciating and very debilitating. I was unable to concentrate on any day to day tasks in life since the pain ran through the shoulder to the chest and down my left arm, culminating in severe tenderness in the left hand and a pins and needles effect. It would take about five days to build up this pain then last for up to ten weeks. No amount of strong prescribed pain killers would take the pain away and I was told that an operation could lead to paralysis from the neck down. The end result was that I would try anything to relieve the agony.

The last attack led me to try acupuncture to relieve the pain. I was astonished that after only three sessions the pain not only receded but cleared completely. I must add that this was done in conjunction with an equivalent number of sessions in physiotherapy to manipulate the area. However, I had already been trying physio but with no immediate benefits on previous attacks. I can only say that I am eternally grateful to Caitlin for this relief in such quick time. My life has returned to normal with no side effects. I am expecting the problem to return, but now know I need only to book in for the same treatment. I also don’t need to rely on any prescribed drugs, which had been contributing to digestive problems.

Thank you, Caitlin, for your help.

Barbara: Sciatica

I contacted Caitlin when my chiropractor suggested acupuncture may help with pain relief. I had been suffering for nearly 6 months with sciatica and had chronic pain in my hip and right leg as a result. This made sleeping difficult and I was unable to stand, sit or lay down for any length of time.

I must admit I was sceptical at first but would have tried anything as pain killers were upsetting my digestion, and I worried about taking too many.

Caitlin was very caring and attentive. She made sure I was relaxed and I felt safe and at ease. After three sessions I felt a definite improvement, and now four weeks on I am sleeping through and getting on with my life. This week I am actually starting to take gentle exercise again which is wonderful. I would certainly recommend giving acupuncture a try for pain relief, and Caitlin is the perfect tonic. You couldn’t find a nicer welcome and more genuine concern.

Jill: Osteo-arthritis

I was diagnosed with osteo-arthritis in my knees and told I would need both replaced but, at the present time, my age excluded me from surgery. Any weightbearing exercise, including simply walking, was painful and my core balance affected. A friend had read that acupuncture could be effective and although I wasn’t convinced I was prepared to give anything a try.

I made an appointment and met Caitlin. She immediately put me at my ease by her warm and welcoming personality and at the initial consultation explained everything in a professional way but in terms that were easy for a layperson to understand. We agreed on four sessions initially with the understanding that we would review the success of the treatment as we went along.

I was amazed after the first session how much better I felt. Caitlin, by her initial questioning had diagnosed not only my arthritis but other conditions which she treated to complement the knee problems. The inserting of needles was not painful and the whole experience was actually quite restful. Cailtin’s knowledge of Chinese medicine is extensive and her advice on diet complimented the acupuncture so I was able to adjust the foods I ate to improve my condition. Over the weeks I found my balance improved and the pain much less. Acupuncture cannot cure arthritis but with Caitlin’s care and sympathetic, expert treatment I am much more mobile, feel less pain, my core stability is stronger and, from being a little sceptical at the start would now recommend acupuncture to everyone.

Judy: Arthritis

I started my series of sessions at Caitlin’s practice with two very painful arthritic knees and no particular anticipation of success. After the treatment finished I can honestly say that the pain has totally been removed and my life has been improved considerably.

Michelle: Back pain

I first went to Caitlin in March 2005 for help with a back injury I had sustained in a horse riding accident. I had been referred to physio after the accident and attended many appointments but wasn’t getting the results I felt I should. Caitlin was providing treatment for my organisation so I was already aware of the benefits of acupressure massage and acupuncture. Within the first few sessions I was feeling the benefits and was back to full mobility within a couple of months after attending weekly treatment sessions. I have since had treatment for a number of other complaints and continue to have monthly sessions.

Acupuncture has made a huge difference to my health and well being and I will continue to advocate the benefits.

Sharon: Head pain

I had been suffering from excruciating head pain, which was totally debilitating and was taking over my life, for approximately 18 months before consulting Caitlin. I was not satisfied with the medical profession’s approach to my problem and decided to try acupuncture.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience and have had several treatments with Caitlin where I discovered that I was a good receptor to treatment. The severity and frequency of my pain has been significantly reduced and I would totally recommend acupuncture with Caitlin to anyone.