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Laptop WiFi Damage Sperm

29 November, 2011

The journal Fertility and Sterility has reported on an Argentinian study which measured sperm after men used a laptop with WiFi and found that their sperm had become severely DNA damaged. The sperm acted as if it had been fried. Although the study was small, this builds on previous studies which have highlighted the possible implications on sperm of being close to heat producing sources such as laptops and mobile phones.

Although Dr Oates, quoted in the Reuters report of this study claims that he knows few men who use their laptops on their laps, I know many men who do exactly this. Many of us sit with the laptop on our laps whilst watching TV in the evening. I encourage men who wish to conceive and keep their sperm in top quality to at least put a tray between their laps and the computer, or preferably to use it at a table. The key is to keep the groin area as cool as possible – no laptops on laps, no mobile phones in trouser pockets, no hot Jacuzzis or baths, no tight underwear and no cycling.

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