Happy New Year- 2018 Year Of The Yellow Dog



Friday 16th February welcomes in the Year Of The Yellow (Earth) Dog and heralds the start of the Spring Festival in China.

This year should feel much calmer than the previous two. It is a year for justice and speaking your truth. The characteristics of the Dog are kindness, empathy and loyalty. This is a year for helping others and extending our compassion. Dogs like to live in packs, so get togethers with friends and family and working collaboratively with others should work well. The dog is seen as lucky so any home with a dog in it fares well. Even a visiting dog will bring you good luck so get your mutt on a lead and take them to see your friend or neighbour!

The health characteristics of the Earth Dog relate to the Spleen and Stomach. So anyone prone to digestive disorders such as bloating, IBS, heartburn, acid reflux, needs to be extra careful. Emotionally, worry and overthinking can increase. Remember your acupuncture will help balance these out and give you more efficient physical and mental digestion.

The Chinese avoid certain practices at New Year. So, on friday don’t sweep or clean your floor- you’ll be sweeping away all the good fortune to come. Don’t shower or wash your hair- again you’ll be literally washing away that good luck. Don’t use scissors or sharp knives- you’ll be cutting away your wealth and success. Better get a take away and sit in the slightly mucky house with my dirty hair I think!

For more predictions of what the New Year brings, read more from Lillian Bridges.

Leeds will be celebrating Chinese New Year on sunday 18th with dancing, tai chi, face painting and calligraphy at the Town Hall.

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