Acupuncture to support women preparing for labour

We support women preparing for birth by giving gentle acupuncture from week 37. We believe that this preparation results in lower level interventions at birth and many of our patients manage labour with gas and air. They are less likely to be induced, and if they are, to move through induction more quickly. One of the points we use helps to ripen the cervix, preparing for vaginal delivery. It’s a lovely time to come for acupuncture as it’s important to take time for yourself and the treatment is calming.

We also give women information on using acupressure for labour. This has been well documented as a helpful technique to use. We are happy to talk through how to locate the acupressure points and how to use them. Birthing partners often find it useful to have another helpful strategy that they can use and are welcome to come into clinic to practice these.

See more here on research about using acupressure for labour points.

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