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Supervision and Mentoring

I have worked as a supervisor and mentor most of my professional life, initially as a manager in addictions counselling and more recently as an acupuncturist.

Supervision offers a space in which we can reflect on our working life and practice, a space in which to celebrate our achievements and learn from that which has challenged us. Many acupuncturists and complementary therapists work in isolation. We create safe, nurturing healing spaces for our clients yet can neglect to do this for ourselves.

I completed extra supervision training designed for acupuncturists with Isobel Cosgrove in 2010 and value my own individual and group supervision that I access monthly.

I offer individual supervision support and mentoring and faciliatite  group supervision meetings. I have recently run training for new graduates on behalf of The British Acupuncture Council.

If you are interested in finding out what supervision could offer you, please do get in touch.

“I have monthly supervision with Caitlin and I have found her guidance and support absolutely invaluable during my first year of acupuncture practice. In particular she has provided me with excellent guidance on the use of TCM acupuncture for fertility support.  She has generously shared her substantial knowledge and practical experience, and this has helped to build my own confidence and knowledge-base within this area of practice.
My practice has grown and gone from strength to strength, and an essential ingredient in that has been regular supervision.  I have had a few occasions when I have faced particularly challenging situations and in every instance Caitlin has provided me with the support I have needed.  I have been able to talk through any issues and concerns with her, sometimes at very short notice, and this has allowed me to navigate my way through some complex cases, in a very positive and supportive way.  I would highly recommend Caitlin to anyone else who is considering supervisory support.” Charlotte


“Supervision isn’t always for work related problems. It feels like a safe place where I can bring something to the table. The table being the place where the five of us meet. I know I can talk and at times bare my soul and not be judged. I am often inspired by the words Caitlin emails us before we meet and this can feel like a recalling to the group. In a very busy world, it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders when I walk away from our supervision group”. Julie


“I am constantly amazed about how issues bought by others to the group can then give me insight into my own particular issue. Common themes can emerge. Somehow the supervision space creates a coherence of joined understanding which helps us all. We have longevity within our group because this process happens repeatedly and we can laugh and cry together. We can do big picture stuff as well as the smaller stuff”. Sarah