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07971 927675

Acupuncture Clinic in Leeds

Clinic 5 minutes from outer ring road, Kirkstall Road and Stanningley Road

When recommending Caitlin to other people, I have described her as a ‘safe pair of hands’ because she is utterly trustworthy and very skilled at what she does. She listens attentively and with compassion and has great expertise to share with her patients. Rachel

Spring is here and we have welcomed back longer, lighter days. However some of us struggle with season changes. If you’re a hayfever sufferer, come and get acupuncture now to allevaite and prevent symptoms.  We see many people with low mood and anxiety, migraines and headaches, low energy and IBS. We are increasingly using battlefield acupuncture alongside traditional acupuncture for acute pain relief for conditions such as arthritis, knee, shoulder and back problems and sciatica. We are supporting women and couples through trying to conceive naturally, IVF, and pregnancy. If you feel your health needs a boost or you want to prepare for pregnancy, give us a ring and we can chat about whether acupuncture may give you the lift you are looking for.

Acupuncture has been practiced for over 3,000 years in the East and is increasingly being recognised in the West as a stand alone treatment and a compliment to Western treatments and interventions. Every day in the clinic we see patients benefiting from treatment with acupuncture. Many of our patients tell us that we offer them hope, warmth and positivity. We offer a friendly, professional service in the acupuncture clinic in Leeds, Yorkshire. Acupuncture could support you in your journey back to better health and greater wellbeing.

Caitlin has been practising acupuncture in Leeds for 12 years and is joined by Rachael and Rach both of whom have a passion for acupuncture. All of us became acupuncturists having seen the benefits for ourselves having had treatment. The benefits we see from treatment continue to inspire and motivate us and our mission is to provide a healing space for you in which you feel safe, supported and in which we can help you feel at your best physically and mentally.

Acupuncture, fertility and pregnancy

Caitlin was key to the success of our fertility treatment, a truly caring professional with tons of compassion! Dianne.

60% of our work is in the field of fertility, IVF and pregnancy support. Many women and couples whom we work with access acupuncture, diet and lifestyle advice and we see our role as a support during what can be a confusing, anxious and stressful time.

Caitlin is the baby whisperer! I can’t recommend her highly enough. Caroline.


Caitlin, Rach and Rachael are both a member of the British Acupuncture Council and regularly receive supervision and meet with other practitioners. We access on-going training to keep our skills up to date.

Caitlin is  a Zita West affiliated practitioner and a member of the Acupuncture Fertility Network and the British Fertility Society. She meets regularly with consultants and staff at the Reproductive Medicine Unit at Seacroft Hospital, Leeds and in this way is able to keep abreast of fertility issues locally and nationally.

Read an interview here that fitness coach Kieran Igwe conducted with Caitlin about how acupuncture works and what to expect from treatment.

Contact Caitlin on 07971 927675 or by email to discuss how acupuncture can help your general health or support your fertility or pregnancy.

Clinic opening hours

Monday- 1pm- 6pm

Tuesday – 12pm- 6pm

Wednesday – 3pm-8pm

Thursday – 3pm- 8pm

Friday – 8am-1pm


Initial Acupuncture Consultation £50

Follow up Acupuncture Session £40

Receipts can be given for you to claim back costs if you are a member of a health scheme. Ask us for more details if you’d like to join a health scheme.

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